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Standard Cylinders - FTH Hydraulic Swing Clamp Cylinder

FTHS double acting-single side clamping arm
FTHD double acting-double sides clamping arm

  • These swing clamps are used when it is required to keep the fixture workpiece area free of
    straps and clamping components for unrestricted workpiece loading and un-loading.
  • This hydropneumatic clamping element is a pull type cylinder, There are five standard sizes,
    and for each size two versions of standard clamping arms, mounting of these clamping arms at
    any angle within 360.
  Bore sizes (mm)   FTHS/ FTHD
  25, 32, 40, 50, 63
  Motion   Double Acting
  Power Fluid   Filtered Oil
  Max. Pressure   10 MPa (100 kgf/cm²)
  Working-pressure Range   0.5~7 MPa (5~70 kgf/cm²)
  Material of cylinder barrel   Carbon steel
  Standard angle of rotation   90°±2°(0°, 45°, 60° are optional)
  Rotating Direction   Clockwise or counter clockwise
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    • FTHD-25
    • FTHD-32
    • FTHD-40
    • FTHD-50
    • FTHD-63
    • FTHS-25
    • FTHS-32
    • FTHS-40
    • FTHS-50
    • FTHS-63
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