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Standard Cylinders - FRT Series Rotary Actuators
  • FRTF - female pivot gear
  • FRTH - male pivot gear (standard type)
  • FRTH - D male pivot gear (double end rod type)
  • The body is manufactured in anodized aluminium alloy, and has been designed looking at
    the harmonious aesthetic development.
  • Pinion and rack produced from carbon steel reduces backlash within the mechanism.
  • Rotation adjustment screw.
  Bore sizes (mm)   40,63,80
  Standard rotation (mm)   90±5°,180±5°
  Initial position of slot (mm)   See dimensional feature
  Rotating shaft dia (mm)   16~28
  Intial position of slot (mm)   see dimensional feature
  Power fluid   Filtered air
  Pressure Range (Kg)   1.3~7 kgf/cm²
  Temperature Range   -5℃~60℃
  Max. allowable axial thrust (kg)   10,12,20
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