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Regulator - AFR、BFR

Except the FAW regulator that Fonray manufactures, there's still another one- the AFR regulator, which also has 5 models with various port size, max. flow rate,  filtration and working-pressure range.
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ModelPort Size
Max. Flow Rate
Working-pressure Range
AFR150N 1/8″ 650 5( Polyester)
20(Sintered Brass)
AFR200N 1/4″ 750
BFR200N 1/4″ 1,000
BFR300N 3/8″ 1,300
BFR400N 1/2″ 3,000
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    • AFR2000A
    • BFR3000A
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    • AFR2000A
    • BFR3000A